Anderson's 3rd Grade Class

Newsletter: May 9, 2016

Math Workshop:

We have completed our 3rd grade math curriculum! Therefore, we will preview the first math unit of 4th grade which is place value. Students will need to know how to read, write and say correctly large numbers (up to the million’s place) in standard, word and expanded form.

Reading Workshop:

Due to Tuesday's Reading Celebration and Wednesday and Thursday's District Assessment testing, our reading workshop time has been cut short. Students will be able to read for enjoyment as time allows throughout this week.

Writing Workshop:

Students will publish their final copy of their narrative writing assignment. Their creative story should include dialogue, problem, solution, transition words, and a well thought out beginning, middle and end. Their story will count as their unguided narrative writing grade in the areas of ideas, style, organization and conventions.


This week, we will review all of the science units that were taught this school year. Students may use their science journals, study guides,science book and links on their eClass homepage to help them review concepts about Earth, Life and Physical Science. There will be Science Review Test on Thursday, May 12th.

Cursive Handwriting

During our Word Study block, Mrs. Brown will be teaching the students how to write in cursive. This should be an enjoyable time as many students have already shown their abilities and desires to write in cursive!

Book Fair

The Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair will be May 10th - 12th. Students have the opportunity to stock up on their summer reading by purchasing twice as many books during this book fair. The book fair will be open between 7:45am - 3:30pm. Students may bring their money at anytime to purchase their books. Please remember to add 6% sales tax to all items. All free items must be of equal or lesser value than the ones you buy.

REVISED TIMES_Upcoming Gwinnett County Tests...

Students will be taking the following District Assessment Tests from 9:50am - 11:15am. It will cover everything we have learned throughout this school year in the areas of social studies and science. The tests will count towards 1% of your child's overall social studies and science grade.

Wednesday, May 11th: Social Studies District Assessment

Thursday, May 12th: Science District Assessment

*Please Note: Students will NOT be taking a Reading District Assessment & the Math SPG Test took the place of the Math District Assessment.

Reading Log Celebration: May 12th

Students who turned in all of their reading logs for the school year are invited to a Reading Celebration in the cafeteria on May 10th from 9:30am - 10:15am. Congratulations to the students who have faithfully turned in their reading logs each week!

Field Day: May 19th

Students will enjoy a variety of relay events during Field Day on Thursday, May 19th from 10:30am - 12:30pm. We hope that you can join us and cheer on the students as they participate in their events! Students are encouraged to bring bottled water, sunscreen, sunglasses and even beach towels to sit on as they wait for their events.

Third graders will also be participating in some tug-of-war fun! Classes will compete against each other to become the “strongest” class champions. Also, students can bring their yearbooks and class memory books to have friends sign their autograph pages.

Last Week of School: Lunch Schedule

Due to various school activities, we will have lunch in our classrooms during the last week of school. Here are our lunch times:

Monday, May 23rd - Lunch at 11:07am

Tuesday, May 24th - Lunch at 11:07am

Wednesday, May 25th - Lunch at 11:48am

Awards Day: May 23rd

Our Awards Day will be Monday, May 23rd at 12pm. Please come and celebrate all of the wonderful accomplishments our students have made throughout this school year!

Class Party: May 24th

Come and celebrate our end-of-year class party with us. It will be on Tuesday, May 24th at 10am. Students will enjoy many fun crafts and activities. Mrs. Brown and I will also pass out “Candy Awards” to our students during our class party as we celebrate individual class achievements.

At 11am, we will enjoy pizza and ice cream sundaes! This will be our lunch for the day, therefore we will not each lunch in the cafeteria. Your child is more than welcome to pack a special lunch if he/she does not want to have pizza.

Attendance Celebration: May 25th (Last Day of School)

Students who had perfect attendance for the entire second semester will be able to go to the gym for a dance party! 3rd graders will enjoy the dance party from 9:05-9:25. Report cards will also be sent home on the last day of school.

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