Golfing activity

By James McAbee

Question 1

X Max 8

X Min 0

Y Max 175

Y Min 0

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Question #2

Dependent Variable = Height

Independent Variable = Time

Question #3

Domain = All real

Range = Y less than or equal to (156.2)

Question #4

Earl's ball is in the air for 6.2 Sec.

Question #5

The maximum height that his ball reached was 156.2 ft.

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Question #6

3.1 Sec. to reach its maximum height after it was hit.

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Question #7

When the ball has traveled for 3.5 it is at 154 feet.

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Question #8

The ball would be at 64 feet in .74 sec.
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Question #9

At 6 sec Tweety Bird would be at the same height as the ball (24 feet).

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Question #10

Gloria’s ball would hit the ground 1.25 sec faster than Earl’s ball.

Gloria Max Height = 100 ft.

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Question #11

a. equation = -16x2+100x+20. y-intercept 20.

b. -16x2+100x+20

d. Domain = All real

Range = Y= less than or equal to (176.24)

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