Passage Arguments and Claim

By Joseph, Eric, Hank, Dray, Keenan


Claim - An asexual reproducing salamander species is better than a heterosexual species


The article's reason is to shed light on cloning and to show the pros of it. Although they show that there are faults in cloning, they show counterarguments to further more prove that cloning may be good for the future.


The article shows that salamanders are able to create more than a normal amount of genetic material. In the article, it states that, "The all-female salamanders, however, can have between two and five times the normal amount of genetic material. In other words, salamanders get two or more sets of genes from their mothers. "

It also shows that salamanders that are cloned can regenerate quicker. The article states that, "Denton and his coworkers reported that if the all-female salamanders lose their tails, they can regrow them 36 percent faster than other species of salamanders." This is definitely beneficial to the species.

Having a quickly regenerating tail is beneficial to salamanders because of its use. It can be used to distract predators on land, and to swim in water. In the article, it says that, "Salamanders' tails help them stay alive. In the water, they use their tails to swim. On land, they sometimes use their tails to distract predators. Being able to regrow one quickly, in the event their tails get snapped off by a predator, for example, makes it more likely the all-female salamanders will stay alive to have children."