Ms. Abrams' Allstar News

Updates from Room 7: 9/21-9/25


In Math, we started the week by working on drawing number cards and finding what comes before and after. We also had a chance to look at our 100 grid and look for patterns in the numbers. On Tuesday, we started learning about graphing. We have made picture graphs, bar graphs and tally charts. We've generated data, put it into our graphs, and talked about what we can learn from our graphs. We did this with fruit, sports, colors, dice rolling, and opinions on optical illusions. We also had a chance to explore Xtra Math, IXL, and some new fun math apps during our center time. It was a really fun week in math!


This week, we started off the week by learning about the last ending punctuation mark, exclamation points! Once we learned all three, we used Mo Willems' pigeon as an example to write our own pigeon sentences. They wrote statements, exclamations, and questions that they think the pigeon might want to say.

We also did a lot of writing this week. We read the book Enemy Pie and wrote our own recipes for friendship pie and then wrote about who we would share it with. We said goodbye to summer and wrote about what we would miss and then what we are excited for about fall. And we also took the opportunity to use our sequencing words to write about habit number 3, putting first things first, in our new writing journal.

For reading, we read more books as a class on friendship and worked on writing about what we read. We also met two new friends this week, Jabber the Reteller, Questioning Owl, and Spinner the Spider. Jabber the reteller reminds us to retell the story to tell what we learned or what happened in our own words. Questioning Owl reminds us to ask questions before, during, and after we read. Spinner the Spider reminds us to make connections to what we are reading. All of these activities, some new iPad tools, and our usual word wall work made for a very exciting week in ELA!

Other News from Room 7

  • We had our third Mystery Reader today and it was Nicole's Dad, Mark!
  • Next Week's cycle days: 5, 1, 2, 3, 4

Homework for Monday:

-TenMarks - I reopened the original assignments for children that hadn't completed them. There are also 2 new assignments.

-Pic Collage - Your children have been submitting their pic collages to me using our new SeeSaw app. Please make sure they have submitted one for short a, i, and o.

-Library Books- Monday is Day 5, help your child to remember their library books.

Other Things Your Child Can Do:

-Xtra Math

-IXL (I have begun starring good skills to practice)

-Reading Eggs

-Read Theory (We started this in school on Friday)

-Fill in the reading log to bring in on Monday