My Mount Rushmore

by Noah Burke

My Mount Rushmore

If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces of the people, that are

important to me, carved into granite. There are four faces on the real Mount Rushmore. The real four faces the faces are presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. it was designed by Gutzon Borglum. It is near Keystone, South Dakota. Finally, it was finished in 1941. The four people I would have on my own Mount Rushmore are my mom, my dad, my basketball coach, and my sister.

kris Friesen

The first person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore would be my mom, Kris Friesen. One reason is she supports me in what I do, like playing basketball, football, and baseball. She takes care of me. She feeds me, buys me clothes and what I need, and puts a roof over my head.

Mike Friesen

The next person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore is my dad, Mike Friesen. He takes places. He drives me to the sports that I am in. He also plays outside with me a lot. We play basketball, baseball, football.

Taylor burke

Another person I would like to put on my own Mount Rushmore is my sister, Taylor Burke. She is always there for me. When I am down she makes me happy again. She buys me drinks at Starbucks a lot. When she is bored we will go out haves something at Starbucks.

Dan Malleck

One more person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore is is my basketball coach, Dan Malleck. He teaches basketball really well. We went from not winning any games to winning five games. He helps with every game unless he completely can't. When we play games he doesn't stay home. He is there if he can get there.


Now these are the people I would want to put on my Mount Rushmore. My mom, dad, sister, and my basketball coach, Dan Malleck. All these people might not be on the real

Mount Rushmore but they hold an important place in my life.