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What is the issue?

The issue is summer learning loss (as known as summer slide). It is the loss of academic skills and knowledge during summer break.

How severe?

  • Mathematics - 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency loss
  • Reading - Varies across SES. Low income students generally lose about 2 months of reading achievement. Middle income students experience slight gains in reading performances.

What is the evidence?

Here is a study published by National Summer Learning Association linking a Lack of Academic Achievement, High Dropout Rate, to Summertime Learning Loss.
Here is a news report that shows due to a lack of resources, the achievement gap between low and high income students widens during the summer.
Here is an 3D animation from NBC illustrating achievement gaps between middle income and low income students after summer and summer again.
Summer Learning Loss

Summer Learning - Reading Strategies

  • Let child's interests lead the choice of books. "Flood" them with interesting books
  • Parents should model reading for child
  • Making reading a summer routine

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Reading Resources

  • Themed books and activities - help kids explore a variety of subjects like dinosaurs, money, and much more
  • Epic! - Kids' eBook subscription service that offers thousands of high-quality books.
  • Storyline Online - Great videos that have famous actors reading books to you
  • DIY Reading Camp - Summer Reading adventures from

Summer Learning - Writing Tips

  • Summer Writing Journal
  • Daily Writing Prompts
  • Correspondence from Teacher
  • Write to favorite authors, athletes, actors , singers and even the President

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Summer Learning - Math Strategies

  • Turn everyday routine as learning opportunities
  • Follow your child's interest to guide learning

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Math Resources

  • - besides bedtime story, give your child some bedtime math problem. Try it. It is awesome.
  • Calculation Nation - a collection of fun, web-based Math games
  • Khan Academy - A personalized learning resource for all ages. It has K-8 math and your child can learn in his/her own pace.
  • PatrickJMT - Just Math Tutorials. It has a lot of math videos.

For more information on Summer Learning

Check out Dr. Matthew Boulay's book. It is an easy read and lists 10 things we should know about summer including summer learning loss and strategies to deal with it. You can find it on Amazon.

In addition, here is a list of resources from Edutopia on summer learning.

Lastly, it is important to note that "eat well" and "sleep well" are equally important during summer. Let's all embrace summer learning.


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