hurricanes are very dangerous and destrutive

They have five categories. They can be very dangerous. The first category, the winds can get up to 75-94 mph witch causes little damage. The second category the winds are stronger they are from 96-110 mph. The third category is more serious the winds are from 111-129 mph. They cause damage on roofs. The fourth category is dangerous it can cause little floods and the wind speeds are 130 to 156 mph. They do damage to buildings and residences. The fifth category is flooding and really serious damage to windows and houses and the wind speeds are 156 and up.
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This is the damages that hurricanes do and it can get worse.
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This is what damages hurricanes can do to homes.
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This is an eye in the middle, this is the calmest part in a hurricane.
Hurricane Wilma Video - Miami Beach, Florida