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Week of September 22

Grobe's Corner

This week we dove deep into the process of writing a personal narrative. This is not always an easy process to grasp and at times many children get frustrated and overwhelmed, so we took baby steps to ensure no one was too stressed with this new concept. What I have noticed is that I am having to go back to the VERY BASICS. Writing a complete sentence has proven to be a challenge and therefore writing an entire personal narrative is an even greater challenge at this stage. The more practice and time they devote to writing complete sentences ON EVERYTHING, the easier the writing concept will become.

In reading this week, I allowed the kids to take the leadership roles in conducting a literature circle. They have proved that they are ready to tackle a lit. circle on their own now! It is very exciting to see their hard work and determination paying off, as we finish our book, The One and Only Ivan.

They are doing fabulous and I am super excited to see their continued growth!

Many Blessings,

Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

This week in Math, we continued to learn about decimals. We learned to write our decimals in Standard, Expanded and Word form along with comparing and ordering them. Next week in Math, we will continue practicing all of the concepts that we have learned on decimals. I have games, activities, teacher table activities and more planned to keep everyone busy mastering their decimals!

In Science this week we finished our Unit on Communicating Scientifically. The students researched a type of technology (computers, phones, televisions and ways to listen to music) throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. The kids were very fascinated with how technology has changed over the decades. We also talked about how variables in experiments can remain constant or vary. The students discovered these two concepts with a fun experiment using pennies and different liquids. Next week, we start a new unit on Plants.

The kids are really enjoying the different activities that Math/Science teachers have created. I love teaching your kids and seeing how excited they get when we do different things. We will continue to have an amazing year!

Brooke Morris

CML - Continental Math League

If you have been helping your child on homework, you may recongnize this acronym. CML stands for Continental Math League. This is a Nation Wide competition that all Math students can participate in. While making my "Meet The Teacher" calls at the beginning of the year, I spoke with an amazing family that chose to donate $95 so that my Math classes could participate in the competition. I am so grateful that the money was donated because I strongly believe that this program will help your children build critical thinking skills to help assist in problem solving. The goal of CML is to create challenging problems help the students think in new ways, and collaborate with their peers. During our rotations, we have a CML station. The students are given a worksheet with about 10 problems. During this rotation, the students usually choose to work together to solve the questions. I have heard the most amazing conversations during this time. I am very proud of their hard work a dedication. I do check the CML, but it is not part of their Progress Report or Report card. If students come home with an incomplete worksheet, it is not a requirement to finish.

With that being said, it is added to the homework to expand their thinking. If you are unable to get to these 2 or 3 CML questions, your child will not be reprimanded. The main focus of the homework is to practice what is learned in class and the math fact focus for the week.

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Spelling Words and Test

Every week the kids are required to learn a list of spelling and vocabulary words. To make this more engaging and fun, the 4th grade ELAR teachers have created an account with an interactive website called Spelling City. Each week kids can use the following link to log on and play games with their spelling words. All this will lead up to a spelling test on Friday.

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