October Already!

October Newsletter

Parent and Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held on October 11.

Please return the sign-up sheet.

For those who have already signed up, I will be sending home a sheet for you to fill out and return to me by Monday.

Reading Homework

Reading with your child each night is the most beneficial act you can do with them each night; this is why I don't assign a lot of extra homework. I only ask that you read with your child for at least 10 minutes each night and reinforce our sight words.

For now, books will be switched out each Thursday, so you will see new books Thursday afternoon. As your child progresses in reading, books will switched out more frequently!

Beginning next week, the books and reading sent home will be more specific to your child's level, ability, and skills needed to be practiced to continue to grow as a reader.

I'm very happy with the progress the kiddos have made in just 6 weeks of school!

Thanks for your support, it is working!

Phonics Song


This is the link to the phonics song we do each day. Only do the first set, after the Z, turn it off. If your child is ready for set 2 I will let you know when we conference. If your child has still not acquired all of the sounds for the letters, watching this one extra time each day is a way to support them at home. Make sure they are watching and doing the motions. Many of them need all the components; watching, listening, and moving!

Color of the Week to Wear

Fridays are always Purple! Beginning October 14 we will begin wearing our shirts on Fridays. If you did not order a shirt, we do have extra, so let me know and I will get you one before they are all taken; there is a limited amount. They are $10.

October 6: Yellow

October 13: Pink

October 20: Black

October 27: Orange

November 3: White

November 10: Red, White, and Blue

November 17: Brown

Contact Me

If you have any questions about upcoming activities, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Email or remind is the quickest way!


As more and more letters and sounds are introduced, your child will begin to understand how the sounds of letters work together to make words! A lot of the kids already have and this is VERY exciting when we are only in the 7th week of school.

In writing many of them are beginning to write their own words by sounding out the words and writing the letters the sound represents. As you'll see in our conference, many are doing invented spelling; they are using the sounds they hear to write the word.

example: igwonu; iguana

This is great to see because is lets me know it is clicking for them!

I want to assure you, spelling rules will be taught and used in class, but we're just not there yet. To see them attempting to write words warms my heart!

If you see your child attempting to write a word, help them sound it out. You don't have to segment EVERY sound, because some words have spelling rules attached to them that haven't been taught. I have provided some examples. Please don't tell them they spelt it wrong, this will only discourage them from trying, but instead ask them to read it to you and praise them!

burn: brn cat: cat rainbow: ranbo write: rit

Ways to encourage writing:

Help them add items to the grocery list, have them write a sentence about their day, have them draw a picture and label it, write a list of animals, things they see outside, their favorite things to eat

More information if you are interested:


Math and Science

The kids have done really well with patterns; even the really difficult ones. Let them play with their food, they'll show you! Cereal, pasta, colored items; ask them to show you how many different patterns they can make.

We are still building number sense and more or less in math. Addition will be introduced the week of October 17. We will be working on addition until Thanksgiving at least; they need to have a solid understanding before subtraction is introduced. You will see addition homework sent home when we begin so they can practice the skill.

Items Needed

The week of October 24 we will be using pumpkins of all sizes for in math and science! I love this time of year and the activities we do. Please send a pumpkin of any size with your child. I would love to have them at the school Friday, October 22.

Family Project


Decorate a pumpkin with your child. The pumpkin should represent your child's favorite book character!

Please send the pumpkin to school the week of October 17 for everyone to see!

I will return them in time for you to display them at your house for the trick-or-treaters that visit!