My family's idea of culture

Culture activity

My family's definition

Me and my family think that the word culture means to be different and be in a big group and that group beliefs and celebrates different things.

Culture answers

1. My family celebrates birthdays and christmas with food,gifts,love,games, christmas trees,decorations,lights and candles.

2. The special days that my family celebrate are birthdays,christmas and holidays.

3. It is important to respect and remember culture because we believe in it and it keeps our history going also teaches us many things.

4. It would be boring if we were all the same and we would not know any thing about any other cultures.

5. Different ways that people can tell their culture stories are dance,music,songs,art and story telling.

6. My family share our culture and beliefs by telling stories.

7. I think culture means living and believing. I also think it means groups of people believing in different things.