Corn Flakes


Inventors of corn flakes

William and john kellogg accidentally invented corn flakes. They accidentally invented corn flakes when they were trying to make wholesome vegetarian food. They were trying to boil dough but they let it boil for too long so when they rolled out the dough it came out in big flakes and they tasted it and thought it was good and so did everyone else that tasted it so they started to sell Corn Flakes. Today Corn Flakes are used as a breakfast food.

Fun Facts

After William started to add sugar to the recipes John left the company and William renamed the company W.K kellogg company, In 1906 the Kellogg company shipped shipped 175,000 cases of corn flakes according the Massachusetts institute of technology, and last but not least They experimented with different ingredients and that is how they invented Bran Flakes and Rice Krispies.