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Mrs. Fricker

The Lone Star State

Some say Texas is called the "Lone Star State" because the people wanted to separate from the United States. Others say it is because they wanted to be part of northern Mexico. But one thing is for sure, they have kept a single star on their flag and the nickname has held for many years.

Scroll down and listen to the state song: "Texas, Our Texas" written in 1924 by William J. Marsh. It's sure a favorite of mine.

Texas, Our Texas

Dallas Museum of Art - Get Culture

In the heart of downtown Dallas there is a lively museum you will want to visit called the Dallas Museum of Art. On Thursdays, they have live music. A marvelous collection of fine art will inspire you. Go and get culture!
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With its long time relationship with Mexico, you can find delicious tacos, burritos and enchiladas almost anywhere in Texas. This one is from the Tacos La Banqueta in North Dallas.
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