Is seafood heathly for you?

By: Morgan Heinz

The heathly benafits of eating seafoods.

Seafood is a high protein food, it is low in calories and fat.It is very high in vitamins and nutrients. There are many other things that it can do for your body like, decreasing your chances of getting a heart attack, stroke, and obesity. Eating seafoods helps with controlling some heart risks like cardiovascular disease and arrhythmias. It also decreases the blood triglyceride level and it increases your cholesterol and inproves your circulation. Seafood also helps with the the development in the infants. There are many things hat seafood helps with but one of the most important one is your muscles.
It helps build up your tissues and muscles, there are many vitamins like vitamins D and A.
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The uhealthy benafits to eating seafoods.

With the many good thing that come with eating Seafood, there also comes a lot of bad things. There are many toxins that fish or crab have in them. The toxin ciguatera can be found in only certain types of fishing areas. An example is in the tropical reef areas. The good thing about it is that it can be burned or destroy by cooking the fish. So to make sure you don't get these kinds of torsions you need to cook with care and not eat undercooked fish or any seafood. There is a toxin that is caused by handling the fish in the wrong way. This toxin is called Scombrotoxin. There are only a couple of species of salt water fish that can have this toxin. For example tuna, mackerel, bluefish, mahi-mahi, and amberjacks. It only spoils the fish when the fish is exposed to the wrong temperature. it allows bacteria to grow. There are ways to get around the toxins like cooking it right and taking the proper procedures when handling with the fish.