Stephanie Campanano

Peer Leader

About Me~

  • I was born in a different country
  • I have been in Girl scouts for 5 years
  • I love to play volleyball

My Qualities Of A Leader~

  • Committed
  • Integrity
  • Good listener

Describes Me~

  • Self Motivated
  • Friendly
  • Goal Oriented


Too often we underestimate the power of ...

a touch

a smile

a kind word

a listening ear

an honest complement

or a smallest act of of caring

all of which have the potential of turning a life around

-Leo Buscaglia

Inspiration ~

My Mom...

she choose an occupation that everyday makes someone's life better. She is a physical therapist. She helps kids with disabilities to learn and achieve their age appropriate milestone. She also sees elderly people to to regain strength and balance in order to decrease fall risk and improve their quality of life. She inspired me to peruse my career in the medical field because I wanted to help other people too. She made me very interested in science.

I Hope To Gain~

  1. I hope I can make a difference in someone else's life
  2. I hope to gain more knowledge on proper leadership
  3. I hope to make new friends