Different Types Of Bullying

by: Khalyshia Givan

Types of bullying

Cyber bullying
Physical bullying
Social bullying
Verbal bullying

Physical bulling involves hitting, shoving, pushing, tripping, and other kinds of force. Verbal bulling involves hurtful comments, name calling, and teasing and/or stalking. Social bulling involves using relationships to hurt someone. Cyber bulling includes lies, rumors, gossiping, stalking, and social media websites.

When and where can these different types of bullying can happen?

Bulling can most likely occur during or after school hours or even at bus stops. In the grades 6th-12th grade is when most bullying happens. When some kids are bullied they can commit suicide to themselves.

What can you do to stop and stand up to bullying?

Talking to a parent, or a TRUSTED ADULT. Also if you are bullied just try being nice, respectful, and polite to them. You can also prevent places where most bullies are or places they usually go. You can also try staying close by adults and other kids, because most bullying happens when adults aren't around. Also laughing with a bully could catch them off guard, walking away, and asking them calmly to STOP are all tips on how to prevent and avoid bullying and what to do if you are ever bullied.

I hope you understand the differences in bullying, and the different ways people can bully kids. If someone was to try and bully you because of your intelligence, age, looks, the way you may/might act, because you may wear glasses, or even your style , or the way you dress, don't let it stop you from being you. Also if you see a bully, bullying someone that is close to you, someone you are close to or even someone you may not even know, still stand up to bullying and DONT BE AFRAID!