Into the Mitten

formerly know as A Whole New Adventure

A new Zine with close to no limitations

Into the Mitten in a Michigan based Zine, so it applies to everyone at Saline High School. This should also make it an easy Zine to write for, because we ALL have experiences in Michigan. Weather you've just moved here or have lived here since birth, we want to hear from you.
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'A' and 'B' Piece specifics

We are looking for quality 500+ word essays.

Here are some example prompts:

'A' Piece

- Michigan Mysteries: With one of the given..., fictional Michigan creatures, tell your own version of this story and how it came to be. Include great detail.

'A' Piece

- Moving to the Mitten: If you have moved to Michigan or even relocated in Michigan we want to hear about you experience.

'A' Piece

- Sleeping with the Dunes: We want to know about your personal experience with the Sand dunes or with one of Michigan's great lakes.

'B' Piece

- Picture Prompts