Charlevoix Michigan

Charlevoix The Beautiful

Welcome to Charlevoix!

Welcome to Charlevoix! Also known as Charlevoix the beautiful, Charlevoix was first a village in 1871 and became a city in 1905. About 3,000 people live in Charlevoix year round. Lots of people love to visit Charlevoix in the Summer.

Where is Charlevoix?

Charlevoix is in northwest Michigan. Charlevoix is also north of the 45 parallel. Located in Charlevoix County, it's a little north of Traverse City. The longitude and latitude of Charlevoix is 45.3181 degrees N, 85.2583 degrees W.

What's it like there?

Charlevoix is very busy in the Summer. Why? There are seven parks, four beaches, an airport, a golf course, hotels, a ski hill, skate board park, and lots of restaurants. In the Winter, it's dead. If you ask me, Spring and Fall are good times to visit. Winter is very cold, so if you wanted to ice fish or snowmobile, those are great times to go.

Living in Charlevoix

Looking for a nice town to live in? One up north? Then Charleviox is for you! Charlevoix isn't a huge, fancy, modern town lots of people live in. There is also a law there where everyone has to treat each other equally. There is also a good school district there too! A good amount of people move to and from Charleviox. Some people move out to a different town because it's far up north, they would rather live in a bigger city, or because they want to be closer to the rest of their family.

The Enviornment around Charlevoix

From looking out the window, I can remember seeing cherry trees, apple trees, peach trees, and corn fields. Not a whole ton of soy bean farming. (I don't recall seeing soy bean fields). I've also seen lots of deer blinds, and fishing boats which means lots of deer hunting and fishing. In the Summer, everyone wears shorts and short sleeves. They also crank up the air conditioning. In the Winter, the heat doesn't stop coming (unless the furnace broke and nobody wants that to happen). Fire places are lit, and the furnace is on. Sweaters come out, as well as pants and snow stuff.

Just Like Everyone Else

Charlevoix is pretty much the same as any other town in Michigan. They have stores, restaurants, city hall, and schools. Just like Saugatuck, they're on the water, not literally, have restaurants, schools, a library, stores, tours, and entertainment. The only difference is the location. We are located in southwest Michigan, and they're in northwest Michigan
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