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Futures Staff Newsletter


September 29 , 2014

Dear Futures,

Thank you for making it into October as we hit our stride. Procedures have been taught and as we reinforce them, we shift into strong academics. We are working to create independent scholars who can access complex text. As I look at our data wall, I see that we have a challenge to get our students on grade level. This week in PLC everyone will write an action step for each student in the data cycle. I will have that in place on Tuesday morning.

Our first SSC meeting will be at 4:30 a week from Monday (October 6) . We will have a meeting almost every month. I am seeking three teachers to be on school site council this year, There is a strong willingness from our parents. This is a chance for us to tackle our school site plan and see what is really working or not.

A nomination form will be going out Wednesday for you and for parents.

No Nonsense Nurturer Expectations: As I mentioned at our meeting, the only official changes we have made is that taking your class as a whole group to the restroom is optional and that yes you may send students to the office with a referral in hand. I ask that you do respect the time frames for each grade if you are not using the group restroom method. Also, when possible, please do not send more than one student at a time so we can process each child's situation quickly.

Other than that, we have not had any changes. As I said before, I want us to have a true implementation in order to see the effectiveness. So please continue to use the hierarchy and also to turn in your trackers to Rachel. In a few weeks , we will decide if the hierarchy must be changed. Of course, I am 100% open to that.

If you are being evaluated: please see the email I sent regarding our short one-on one meeting.

A little inspiration: When I was in my 20's I liked to read poetry. I cam across Charles Bukowski. You may have heard of him. He was more or less an alcoholic (featured in movies Barfly and Factuom), but despite his illness he wrote some inspiring poetry and prose. Although a little dramatic, I find this poem "Roll the Dice" (You Tube link above ) to be inspiring on the topic of perseverance. Have a great week! Brian

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Monday, September 29


Begin rewarding academics ( a shift from rewarding procedures)

Big Smiles In Auditorium


Brian in meetings all morning: Directors, Principal , etc.


Rachel Cover Cafeteria


Mr. Purcell in Portable C evaluees sign up on email

Tuesday, September 30

Begin rewarding academics ( a shift from rewarding procedures)

Colleen Tiffenson at Restorative Justice Training


Intercom: Every Tuesday: Meet Mr. Purcell in the Garden: Teacher picks one student a week for anything to be rewarded. Student gets small prize. Teacher keeps track. Student can either verbal or note say why they are seeing me.


COST meeting in 214


Kinder/First Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45)


Ms. Emi's Class Visits MLK Library


ILT (Brian , Rachel, Leesa, Leah, Heather, Keya meets Portable C

Wednesday, October 1


Begin rewarding academics ( a shift from rewarding procedures)

Farmer Market On Campus: Classes welcome

Minimum Day ( Wed PD begins 9/17 1:45 @ Portable C)


Ida Johnson :Monthly emergency radio testing


Wednesday PD @ portable C : Bring Laptop

Thursday, October 2

Begin rewarding academics ( a shift from rewarding procedures)

Rachel in charge :Mr. Purcell Off Site ALL day


Grades two /Three Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

Friday, October 3

School Site Nomination Forms Due (we need 3-5 teachers)


Parent Cafe: Parents stroll in 8:00, (teachers welcome 8-8:15) but official start is 8:30


Grades Four/Five Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )


Rachel in charge: Mr. Purcell @ Korematsu Discovery Academy

Saturday, October 4

Family Festival (Maleni's event)


Knocking On Doors 2 reasons: local political organizing and piggy back attendance outreach

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