Reading Celebration

End of our First Unit: Building a Reading Life

Building a Reading Life

The beginning-of -the-year unit works hard at developing reading workshop routines, having students look at themselves as readers, and think about reading goals. This is all done to build a community of readers who are independent learners, love reading, and learn from not only the teacher, but also each other. The ultimate goal is to launch a lifelong passion for reading in your children, this will empower them as readers.

How you can help at home:

  • Read with your child, this can be listening to them read or to read to them aloud. You are welcome to read to them in your own language.
  • Become a role model by reading yourself at home. Show your child that reading is something everyone does.
  • Help your child find books about their own interests.
  • Talk to them about their reading and their choice of books.
  • Help your child see that reading is done in real life situations such as reading menus, looking for information on the internet, reading a magazine or newspaper, reading signs and print around them, and more!

This week we will launch our second unit, Nonfiction Reading. However, before we could do that we needed to celebrate. To do so, we invited Ms. Bell's Kindergarten class in to share with them our favorite JRB's and model what Good Readers Do. Afterward, we shared some fruit and a drink. It was a great way to start a Monday morning and celebrate the end of a unit!