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1.) Curfew: 10:00 P.M

2.) No Books

3.) All Citizens Must Live in Standard Housing

4.) Equal Pay no Matter What Job You Have

5.) Mandatory Presidential Announcement Viewing Every Night

6.) Must Listen to the one and only Legal Band

7.) One Child Policy

8.) Marriage is Chosen by Leader

9.) Jobs are Assigned not Chosen

10.) Defiance of law Results in the Death Penalty

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Blog Post - Newspeak vs. Text Talk

In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the citizens of Oceania (Modern day London, the dystopian country in which the story takes place) use a new form of language created by the government to limit peoples' thought and make them dumb. This language is called Newspeak. It is essentially just taking non imperative words out of sentences to make them as short and simple as possible. Such words are adjectives and adverbs. These words are what make the English language meaningful an descriptive.

Some people argue that Newspeak is a lot like Text Talk. Should we be concerned that Text Talk is modern form of Newspeak that is making us dumb? The answer is NO. To start, Newspeak was created by the government to brainwash its citizens in 1984, while Text Talk is just something we people created to type faster. Just the origin of the two languages is enough evidence to prove my statement. However there is more, I am going to show you an example of Newspeak, and an example of Text Talk. I think it will suprise you how descriptive you can be with Text Talk.

Newspeak: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

Text Talk: Hey wnna cm ovr tnigt joe n bill will be thr n itll be fun.

In Newspeak, you can see that there are no key pieces to the sentence such as conjunctions and just plain old reasoning. In text talk the sentence has all the main parts of a sentence (Excluding punctuation) to have a proper sentence. All Text Talk is is taking out vowels in words to make them faster to type. Honestly i could have written this whole blog in Text Talk and it would have the same meaning as using proper English. On the other hand, if i were to have written it in Newspeak, it would be lacking reasoning and little details that could change the entire meaning of the blog.

In conclusion, Text Talk is not a new form of Newspeak in any way at all. Text talk is completely OK and will not brainwash you or make you dumb, as long as you keep in mind that Text Talk is for TEXTING and not for face to face conversations or anything formal.

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Journal Entry

Winston Smith - Date Unknown

Today I woke up, drank some Victory Gin for breakfast then smoked some Victory Cigarettes, which made me think... why. Why must the government taunt our pitiful our poverty-stricken lives with such an ironic name as "Victory..."? It kills me a little more every single day when i glance at the various Victory products and am reminded that no part of my life is a victory. As far as i can remember I have done nothing noteworthy or mentionable at all. I hate my life. No love and no care. Sometimes I really just don't know if this life is for me. I just don't know. I want to do something amazing, something no one has ever done before. Rebel. I want to kill someone. I see things in people that i can't explain. I can see evil in people, and on a rare occasion I can see rebellion. I'm skeptical about most people. Especially women. But the most important thing i need to do, is make sure that people don't see rebellion in my eyes. Its very important that you don't get on people's lists. I think everyone has a mental list of all the people that are sketchy. If people get on to you, you're as good as dead. The thought police will get yah. The ministry of love is the absolute worst place in the entire world. I don't even want to tell you what happens in there. It is worse than what ever you can imagine trust me. I hear stories, terrifying storied of bizarre methods of torture they use. Worse than anything you could come up with during 2 minutes of hate, in your darkest form. Life goes on, but slowly. Too slowly. I want to get out, but i can't, its impossible to leave. I must get out.