The What, ifs , and buts about Jaundice!



Description of Jaundice

Yellowish pigmentation of the skin the conjunctival membranes over the sclerae ( white of the eyes.)

Signs / Symptons

Dicoloration of the white part of the eye ( sclera ) and of the skin .


  • Treatment depends on what type they have , how serious it is and what caused it .
  • It may include tackling an underlying condition such as malaria and bothersome symptoms, such as itching.
  • For genetic conditions that don't get better, like sickle cell anaemia, a blood transfusion may be given to replenish red blood cells in the body.
  • If the bile duct system is blocked, an operation may be needed to unblock it. During these procedures measures may be taken to help prevent further problems, such as removal of the gallbladder.
    If the liver is found to be seriously damaged, a transplant may be an option.


  • Can be relieved by removing the cause of the blockage such as gallstone by surgery.
  • Proper Diet, Nutritional supplements
  • Vitamin K Injections to prevent bleeding \
  • Stop Taking Drugs , toxic chemical , alcohol


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