Ulysses S. Grant

Union Civil War General

Grant's Story

General Ulysses S. Grant was born at Point Pleasant, Ohio on April 27, 1822 and died on July 23, 1885, in Saratoga Springs, New York from inoperable throat cancer. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Grant worked in Galena Illinois for his father. His father made his living off of his leather store. Grant was later appointed to the army because of his experience at West Point, a college in New York made to shape young men into successful generals. He was appointed by the Governor to command an very rowdy bunch of young soldiers that were signed up at the volunteer regiment of the Union army. Ulysses S. Grant made the rowdy bunch of soldiers into a well organized, successful fighting-force that gave Grant a promotion to Brigadier General of Volunteers in September of 1861.During his time, General Grant meat one of his friends sisters that whom's brother roomed with Ulysses. Grant got engaged to the young girl named Julia. When he came back from the victory in the Mexican - American War they married. Ulysses and Julia had four kids, Jesse Root Grant, Ellen Wrenshall Grant Sartores Jones, Ulysses S. Grant II, and Frederick Dent Grant.


It was my fortune, or misfortune, to be called to the office of Chief Executive without any previous political training. Ulysses S. Grant - December 5, 1876

How He Got His Start

When Grant was a young boy going to college when his father wanted him to fight for the Union and go to West Point College in New York. Grant at first didn't think that going would be good but later decided to do so. After Grant arrived, he heard that every soldier had a nickname. When Grant arrived, the officer didn't know his name was Hiram Ulysses Grant so he put his mother's name as Grant's middle name so he was now known as Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Grant's Final Days

At the end of Grant's army career, he retired as a 4 star general, the second highest general level you can achieve. In the last years of Grants life, he finished his memoirs and published the first book on his life called, The Civil War Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. This book was very successful and set his wife Julia Grant up for the rest of her life. Grant died on July 23rd, 1885, 7 years befor Julia Grant did. Grant died of inoperable throat cancer.

Key Points

  • Union General
  • Retired with 4/5 possible general stars (very prestigious)
  • Won 6 battles (Listed below)
  • Married Julia Dent
  • Had 4 kids


  1. General Ulysses S. Grant won the battle of Vicksburg in Mississippi, which lead to the advancing of the Union and Capture of 2 Forts. There were many casualties on the Confederate side, so many