Kaleigh Kankel

What is it?

Narrable is a FANTASTIC story telling tool. You (the creator) use pictures and then add voice to the pictures to tell a story or give information.


Steps to Creating a Narrable

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up/ Sign in (You can easily sign in using Google, Facebook, and Yahoo accounts.)
  3. Teachers, there is a Teacher Plan that is free!!! :) Once signed in, click on your name and scroll down and click on the Teacher Plan.
  4. Click on the blue "Create" button.
  5. Give your Narrable a name.
  6. Upload pictures or browse using Facebook.
  7. Move and re-size photos to suit you.
  8. You can add your voice to the Narrable or you can collaborate with others and invite them to narrate certain photos in your Narrable.
  9. Don't forget to share your AWESOME creation!

How can I use this tool in my classroom???

Students can use Narrable to:

  1. Explain a key concept you have taught in class. (ex: solar system, causes of the American Revolution, idioms)
  2. Show steps to solving something (ex: math problem)
  3. Show order of events (ex: science experiment, historical timeline, sequence of a story)
  4. Tell a personal narrative story (ex: Colonial Day, Outdoor Classroom, field trips like JA Biztown).
  5. Give an Expository report (ex: biography, information about an animal, an activity, a tool)