Long Way Gone Infographic

The Memories of A Boy Soldier

Who is Ishmael Beah

Ishmael Beah is a young boy who believes in rap music and believes that friendship is the most sacred thing in life. When Ishmael and his friends are attacked by the rebels everything in Ishmael fell apart. Ishmael lost almost all his hope when him and his friends were ripped apart from each other. He couldn't stop thinking about where his friends were and who he could trust anymore. He was constantly running and moving from village to village not knowing anybody or where his friends where in order to get away from the rebels. All Ishmael could feel inside him was fear and a sliver of hope that he continued to hold onto.

Has Something Like This Ever Happened Before?

Children being forced into becoming soldiers in nothing new to the world. In World War 2 many children were forced to become soldiers so they could help fight off Hitler and other threats. One of the biggest wars of World War 2 that acquired child soldiers was in the Vietnam War.
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Self Conflicts That Ishmael Obtains

  • Throughout chapters 5-8 Ishmael starts encountering social conflicts with himself due to every family and every human he interacts with not being able to trust him to due other children being forced into becoming soldiers by the rebels and this hurts Ishmael and leaves him as "A Lone Wolf"
  • Throughout chapter 5-8 Ishmael also starts struggling to keep his bravery and hope due to him losing his friends and being chased where ever he goes. He begins to realize that a new lifestyle of death and blood are coming after him and he begins to feel the fear of the situation


Desire-the strong feeling of wanting something so badly you could almost die for it

Nightmare-having a bad dream or memory