My homework reminder app

By Felicia, Jazmin, and Sofija

What does this app do?

This app helps keep you organized, and reminds you of when stuff is due, and helps you become a dependent student.

Provide three examples and Pros and Cons

1. By notifying me of homework

2. By keeping track of the homework I have

3. I can set up when I have tests to study for them and put my classes in the app

Pros include keeping you reminded on the things you need to do, providing what time you need to be somewhere, and by turning in everything on time you can appear as a good student.


you can't highlight important events/ times

You can't add a clock to give a specific time an alarm would go off

Will you continue to use this app?

We will continue to use this app, because it's helpful keeping track of what homework you need to get done, what you have to study. You will also appear as a good student because you get your work done all the time, and your teachers will appreciate that.
Myhomework app review