Second Grade

April Newsletter

April showers may bring May flowers, but second graders will be busy, busy bees!!

Take a look at the exciting lessons and activities that will be going on during this month!



April is poetry month! Second graders will be exposed to many examples of poems; noticing the importance of line breaks, learning to look through a poet's eye, and practicing making their own poems "musical." In addition, we will be participating in Poem in a Pocket Day on Thursday, April 24th! More information on this will be coming soon!


Book Clubs

We will continue with book clubs this month! As the children learn to read, discuss and work together, we will focus on strengthening their comprehension. Each student will take a different leadership role each time they meet. For example, one night a student's job might be to predict what will happen next in the story and lead that part of the book club's discussion the next day.


Money and Fractions

Typically, second graders take a keen interest during our units on money and fractions. Through many games and hands-on activities, the children will learn to count sets of bills and coins, recognize, read, and write decimal notation for money. In addition, they will learn to make change mentally and learn to add and subtract money within $10. With fractions, second graders will understand fractional notation as well as identify, write and compare fractions.

Social Studies

Colonial America and Pennsylvania

This is the month that our Colonial Unit really takes off! It starts off with a return trip to the Swedish Museum. This time we will learn about what the Swedish colonists brought to America and we take a look at just how much work it was to establish a colony. We will discuss the location of the first 13 colonies, countries that settled in them, and family life and crafts of the period. Most excitingly, we will begin quilting!!