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Annmarie Burhop * Humanities Coach * Wayne Elementary School

MARCH, 2016

As we've made it past the hurdle of completing progress reports and parent conferences, I've started thinking about the goals I set for myself and what I still want to accomplish before the end of the school year. My role broadened this year to include Social Studies. I'm working to better understand our curriculum and resources, and learning a lot about technology as I'm going along! If you like support managing all of the working parts of the updated program and the technology, please let me know. Maybe we could co-plan and/or co-teach lessons for a unit?

Have you ever considered ...

integrating informational text learning targets into Social Studies lessons? We can work together to use your Social Studies block to not only address the Social Studies content, but also teach and apply reading learning targets. Our book room has sets of leveled text that match our Social Studies content, making it easier to bring that content into small groups. Feel free to ask Mimi Byrne to help you find those content connected leveled books.

Continuing the Conversation on Strategy Groups

Strategy groups are not determined by the reading level of students, but a common need or concern that a group of students share. The need for a strategy group can arise from both formal and informal data. Was there a group of students doing something similar on their F&P assessments? Am I finding myself giving the same strategy to multiple students during IDR conferences? Do I notice a group of students having difficulty sustaining their reading during IDR? Do I see patterns in students' responses and discussions during whole group instruction? If the answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, then consider forming a type of strategy group:
  • Engagement groups can address strategies for book choice and self-monitoring.
  • Reading Identity groups can support students understanding of themselves as readers with strategies for setting realistic goals and thoughtfully reflecting on their goals.
  • Content groups can support students in applying learning targets already taught, strengthening their comprehension skills, and working on other areas, like fluency.

Additional resources for small groups...

Please click on the link below for a preview chapter from Jennifer Serravallo's book on small group reading instruction. If you're interested in exploring more of the book, I'm happy to loan you a copy, or we can put together our own book group.

Coaching Menu

Let me know if you'd like:
  • to dig deeper into your F&P's to look for patterns and create strategy groups
  • to co-plan and/or co-teach whole group or small group lessons
  • to talk informally about questions or concerns you have for your class, and/or specific students
  • another set of eyes collecting anecdotal data

Upcoming Literacy Events

  • ELA (English Language Arts) PSSA's will be administered April 11, 12, 13 & 14.
  • Reading Olympics: Mark your calendars as Radnor is hosting this countywide event this year during the week of May 2nd. WES' fifth grade teams will be competing on May 4th.
  • Looking way ahead- WES' DAT (District Assessment Team) week is May 23 - 27. Please make sure you have no special events that would take your students out of your classroom or make them unavailable for F&P testing.
  • Digging deeper into book clubs in our next newsletter

A Thought for the Day

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