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March into Spring 2015

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Elm Street School

March was a very productive month at Elm Street School. Our students have been working hard during enrichment time, researching topics and creating projects to showcase what they have learned. We have some of their projects on display in the ESS library.

We welcome back Mr. Alex Evans. Alex has previously worked for our afterschool and summer program and is now working at Woodland Heights School as a Para-educator. He will be leading the Basketball Club and our Pen-­‐Pal Club. Recently, students have expressed an interest in a writing club which inspired our new Pen-­‐Pal Club. Currently, we are working with Upper Pittsgrove School in Monroeville, New Jersey to start a Pen-Pal program.

We are adding another new club this session, Gardening, with lead staff, Megan Hoyt. Students will have a hands-on opportunity to build and maintain a garden. Last session, students learned about nutrition, fitness and healthy choices. Now, students will go deeper and study how plants grow and witness them becoming those healthy food choices. Students will also learn about which climate conditions plants grow best in and how math and science play a part in gardening.

Staff Highlight

Tracy Bryerton works as the office assistant for ESS Project EXTRA. She is the first face parents see when they walk in the door and the last face that students see when they leave. She is very supportive of students and their needs. She gives her time freely, whether it is helping a student build a model of his home or being there to just listen. Tracy has gone above and beyond of what is asked of her. Tracy's dedication and loyalty the program and its students is felt by all.

Mrs. Montague

Site Director

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Laconia High School

At LHS this spring, we're excited about the Human Body Fan Club with Gina Mcguire and Jamie McKone as club leaders. Students have been participating in cardio classes on Mondays; they have ranged from Resistance Training, to Barre Class, to Cardio Tone, to Dance Party. Wednesday's offering is yoga; Savasana, Vinyasa, and Hatha. On that day, meditation is encouraged. Every class has a before and after journaling portion to see how students are feeling pre and post exercise. Each class ends with a healthy snack. Students have been introduced to different kinds of smoothies and yogurt parfaits. Last week, participants teamed up to diagram an outline of the human body to discuss how many organs we have and where they are. This past Monday, we had an hour of community service by helping to organize our Care Closet, with emphasis on cutting down on the impact of textiles by recycling before buying new. Each student put together an outfit that they found in their service and got to take it home when they were done!

The Archery Club has been diligently practicing indoors at the Tardiff Park clubhouse. Mr. Hubbard, LHS Archery Coach, said students will shoot at least two "competitions" against other schools in May (dates TBA). These are friendly contests, and the kids seem to enjoy them.

Freedom Found has been gathering weekly as well, coming with new ideas on how to improve and enrich the lives of students at Laconia High School.

Last but certainly not least, we welcome Katie Searle to lead the fabulous Food is Fun Club!

As spring begins to blossom outside our windows, so too are the LHS clubs burgeoning with life.

Mr. Kaiser

Interim Site Director

Laconia Middle School

Winter went out like a lion here at Laconia Middle School. Our winter session culminated in a day of skating at the Laconia Ice Arena. First time skaters and hockey pros alike spent the day zooming around the rink. Many thanks to the crew of the Laconia Ice Arena!

We welcome back both the Minecraft and Computer Coding Clubs, our students are immersing themselves in the technology that is offered through Project EXTRA. We also say hello to brand new clubs added to our mix: B3 Boys/Girls Club, Board Games, Spanish, Toastmasters Youth Leadership and Stand-Up Laconia. These clubs are offering a great dynamic of educational and personal growth to be had by all our members. Welcome and thank you to all of the staff at LMS Project EXTRA.

We had to say goodbye to a phenomenal champion for Project EXTRA, Kerri Reynolds. Kerri went above and beyond any moment she could. As the leader of our Winter Survival program, she exposed are students to the elements that is our New England winters. She planned and organized guest speakers and trips with ease. Kerri, thank you for all of your help and we look forward to seeing you in the future with more survival clubs! Thank you.

As always, Project EXTRA is still holding a partnership with the Lakes Region Boys and Girls Club, which opens up even more opportunities for our members to grow within their community. Here’s to a great spring session and some great spring weather! Ready, Set, Spring!

Mr. Resca

Site Director

Pleasant Street School

This week PSS Project EXTRA spotlight is on the Basketball Club. Students have been learning offensive and defensive strategies, jump shots, team work, dribbling, and how to improve skills by analyzing accuracy. Each team member received a Project EXTRA basketball tee shirt with their number and self-chosen nickname printed on it. Students wear their shirts every week to show their Project EXTRA pride! Nice job Mrs. Gonzalez and team Project EXTRA!

Our high school staff assistant, Korry Blake, is being recognized as our Staff of the Month! Over the years, Korry has been a Project EXTRA participant, volunteer and is currently an employee and Advisory Board member. She is a diligent worker and students enjoy participating in activities that she helps organize. Kindergartner, Bryson Reed says, " Korry is a very nice girl!” Great work Korry!

Mrs. O'Neil-Viar

Site Director

Woodland Heights School

Spring session is well under way and one of the clubs we are offering is Co-op Club. Co-op Club is all about building community, having fun and cooperating to complete a game or challenge. The challenges being used come from "Project Adventure", a group that develops games designed to get students moving , thinking and working together. Mrs. Greeley is leading this club and is excited to be doing so!

I would like to thank all of my staff for their dedication, patience, and positive attitude. I would like to especially thank Cierra Gonyea for her extra dedication to helping students outside of program hours.

Now that Spring is here, we all look forward to getting outside, getting messy, and learning to work together!

Mr. Colby

Site Director

In the News...

Advisory Board

Korry Blake, Randy Brough, Sharon de la Vergne, Jennifer Dunleavy, Edward Engler, Chris Ennis, Jonathan Fecteau, Terri Forsten, Karmen Gifford, Christine Gingerella, McKenzie Harrington-Bacote, Sophia Joyal, Ron Kaiser, David Levesque, Victoria Makris, Christine Santaniello, Katie Theberge, and Beth Vachon.

Project EXTRA - Laconia School District

Christine Gingerella: Program Director

603-524-5710 ext. 314

Beth Vachon: Assistant Program Director

603-524-5710 ext. 321

Looking Ahead:

  • April 9: CIPAS Evaluation
  • April 16: Elementary Early Release-No Programming
  • April 27-May 1: Spring Break

Project EXTRA is a 21st Century Community Learning Center Project. Funding for Project EXTRA has been provided in part by The Curran Foundation and the NH1 Children’s Auction.