Owls are birds from the Strigiformes, which includes around 200 species of mostly solitary, nocturnal, birds of prey that have an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision, bin aural hearing and feathers adapted for silent flight.

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Are They Mammals?

No, owls are birds. Owls do share some similarities to mammals, like being warm blooded. Owls lay eggs, have bodies covered in feathers and they can fly, all of these factors tell us that Owls are in fact a type of bird.

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What do they eat? How do they get food?

Owls eat invertebrates (which includes insects, spiders, earthworms, snails and crabs) fish, reptiles, birds and small mammals.

Owls normally prey on their food and when the time is right they will swoop down and grab it with their large, sharp talons.

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Where do they live?

Barn owls are mostly found in Australasia and other typical owls can be found on any continent except for Antarctica.

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Do they have any natural predators?

The only natural enemy to owls is the serpent because it can climb trees and eat baby owls if it sees the need.

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