Green Revolution and GMOs

Ali Graulty

1. What were the causes and results of the Bengal Famine in 1943?

Main Causes
  • Agricultural machinery: this has made the harvesting of agriculture much easier, leading to mass productions of crops
  • Fertilizer: the fertilizer has inquired grain production tremendously
  • Protection of the plants: before this event, there was no protection of disease for these crops. One of the causes of mass crop production was the ability to protect these plants from disease. This gives them much more to harvest.
  • Multiple cropping: this technique allowed the farmers to grow more than one crop per year, and this had a big positive affect on their food supply

Main Results

  • Created many jobs for agricultural workers and industrial workers
  • India was changed from a starving nation to a main exporter of food
  • Due to the demand of items such as fertilizer, there was a large amount of industrial growth
  • Irrigation caused the need for dams to be built
  • Paid all loans from World Bank

Three basic elements of the Green Revolution

  1. Continuing the expansion of farm land
  2. Beginning to double-crop their land
  3. Using seeds with improved genetics

Positive results

  • Improved economy
  • More job opportunities

Economic results

  1. Growth of local manufacturing sector
  2. Contributed to the countries GDP
  3. They were requested to help Canada farm because they were so successful

Sociologist results

  1. Creation of jobs
  2. Lateral facilities and factories
  3. Hydro-electric power

Political results

  1. Earned admiration from the comedy of nations
  2. The Indian National Congress became very powerful
  3. Went from starving to an exporter of food


  1. India is still not fully self sufficient, they do sometimes fail to provide output demands.
  2. There are still places in eastern states, like Kalahandi, that are still dealing with famine type conditions. This has made people wonder if the Green Revolution was truly a success.

Human Heath Risks and Environmental Impact

Trying to keep the food supply with the demand from the population requires taking more and more natural resources from the earth. Also the genetic modifications in the food is replacing the nourishment with chemicals, this will raise serious issues.


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