Wetlands and Watersheds DONE

Grace wilson and Suhaan patel

watersheds and wetlands

Watersheds are runoffs taking pollution to wetlands.

Wetlands are lands that is a wet land. Like a swamp,bog,and marsh.

Vocabulary Words

Watershed: A watershed is an area of land that water flows over to reach a particular body of water.
Wetland: A wetland is an area of land that is covered by water all or part of the time.
Sediments: Sediments are small pieces of rock and other materials.As runoffs move over land it can carry sediments to bodies of water.

Quetions ?????

What is a wetland?
(A) it is land that is wet
(B) wetland
(C) watershed

What happens when pollution gets into runoffs?
(A) watershed
(B) it goes into wetlands and it gets polluted
(C) an area of water

What is a watershed?
(A) it is when runoffs have pollution
(B) watershed
(C) it is when water falls to the ground and some of it becomes runoff

Where can you find a wetland?
(A) a swamp
(B) watershed
(C) pollution


Watersheds can become runoff and carry pollution to wetlands. Some animals live in and drink out of wetlands so the pollution can hurt those animals.


This is a swamp. Swamps are wetlands. So are Cranberry bogs and marshes.
Is this beautiful or what!