Animals Oh My!

By: Maddie Foradori


Have you ever wondered what it was like like to be a farmer and what it was like for the animals on the farm. Well you have to read on to find out. Being a farmer during colonial times wasn't easy. One thing that farmers did during colonial times is spending all day harvesting crops. Pigs and sheep supply many resources. Two resources they supply are Wool and Meet. There are so many "UDDER"able cows out there. Two types of cows are the Beefmaster and the Aberdeen-Angus. Time to learn about so many "UDDER"able animals and their farming friends.

Trying to survive

All farmers had rough lives during colonial times. Farmers were always growing and harvesting their crops. Since so many farmers spend all their time growing and harvesting their crops they hire many slaves to help them. Farmers grew many crops. Some crops they grew include corn, wheat, and carrots. They grew wheat for flour and bread. They grew carrots and corn for them and their slaves to eat. Back to the long farming days. If you lived on a farm during colonial (many did) men, woman, and even children had days full of work. Because days were filled with so much work farmers woke up early and went to bed earlier than most. Clearly farmers had rough days/ times.

Pork and Lamb

Pigs and sheep were useful for so many things during colonial times. Pigs were rarely used for their meat during colonial times. Mostly, pigs were used for guarding things,because wild pigs could easily fight off predators or anything else that could destroy crops. Pigs had long bodies and big snouts, with rough bristly hair (not fur hair) on their backs. Sheep are used for so many important things. During colonial times there were no stores around so they made their own clothes. That's one thing sheep were used for. Sheep were used for their wool during colonial times. Sheep under one year old were also useful. A sheep under one year old could be used for lamb. Many domestic sheep vary greatly in size.Ewes (girl sheep) grew to be 100 pounds. Rams (boy sheep) grew to be about 225 pounds. Sheep bodies are normally long, with hooves. They sometimes can have black skin under all their fluffy wool. Sheep wool is normally pretty soft. All of the things that come from sheep and pigs are so amazing.

Holy Cows!

Some types of cows during colonial times are Beef master and the Aberdeen- Angus. These are just two cows but there are many more. Beef masters are huge cows. They have red coats. A cool fact about Beef masters is that they can thrive in hot weather. Beef masters that are males usually have horns. Beef masters are very strong and interesting. The Aberdeen- Angus is a larger cow. Aberdeen- Angus have black coats.Most people during the colonial times called the Aberdeen- Angus just Angus. Aberdeen- Angus comes from the Highlands at Northern Scotland. The Beef master and the Aberdeen- Angus are both old yet interesting breeds.


Farmers and the animals on the farm have many things that are useful. Being a farmer during colonial times was hard. It was hard because they didn't have millions and millions of stores everywhere to get supplies from. Sheep and pigs have so many incredible uses. Two of their uses are lamb, wool, and pork. The Beef master and the Aberdeen- Angus are two amazing breeds. Animals and farmers were very cool during colonial times. OH MY ANIMALS!!!


Breeds: What type of creature something is
Domestic: Tame or calm
Slaves: someone you own, it is now illegal in the USA, (normally ) African American that must listen to its owner ( white)



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All about the Author

The author, Madeline Foradori is a fifth grader at James W Parker middle school. Currently Madeline is 10 VERY soon to be 11. Madeline's birthday is March 30th. She was born in 2005. One of Madeline's hobbies is swimming. This year was Madeline's first year ever to go to districts. However she wasn't lucky enough to make it to states. The Foradori family is a big one. Madeline has a mom, a dad, a sister named Carley Foradori and 2 cats named Mitty and Tilly. Mitty back is black and has a white tummy (that is VERY large). Tilly is a skinny cat that has brown, black, cream, and gray fur. Tilly gets very scared when someone walks up to her, Tilly runs away if you try to pick her up. Mitty's personality is VERY different then Tilly's. Mitty is a very nonchalant cat that doesn't care if you pick her up or not. Both cats have the same idea about treats. whenever Madeline shakes the treats both cats come running over to her like maniac. Carley Foradori is Madeline's younger sister. Carley is a second grader at Edinboro Elementary. Carley swims, does gymnastics, and tennis. Madeline Foradori hopes you like her esay.