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May 2023: Highlighting work of Region 15 students & staff

Region 15 Art Show

Region 15's 35th annual art show took place April 28&29 at Pomperaug High School and featured beautiful art from our students! See below for just a few examples of the phenomenal installation.


In Ms. Cohen's prek classrooms, students and staff have had a lot of fun focusing on building and deepening their learning community on ways "We Are All Alike, We Are All Different." The goals of this unit were for children to demonstrate confidence, self-awareness, and positivity around who they are and for children to express comfort and joy with human diversity, and to form caring and genuine connections with others.

To work towards these goals, students engaged in a series of hands-on lessons centered around life-size self-portraits. Student pairs took turns tracing one another to create a life-size self-portrait for each child and used mirrors to observe ways in which they were alike and different. Each session, students studied read and discussed a new text before adding on to their life size self-portraits. Students mixed paint to match their own skin tone, and painted their portraits, added their eyes, and their hair using multi-sensory materials! They held a museum gallery walk with all of the portraits hanging in the hallway to celebrate their completion, generated affirming statements about themselves, and practiced sharing positive affirmations with one another, too.


  • Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! Like many commemorative months, AAPI Heritage Month was first introduced in Congress, and became public law in 1978. Another term you may hear is ADIPA month (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American) Month.
  • Jewish American Heritage Month! Jewish American Heritage month was passed by the House of Representatives in 2006 and the Senate in 2007.
  • National Mental Health Awareness Month! This month has been observed since 1949.

Read Aloud Video featuring PHS students!

Please join us in watching the read aloud video below in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month! No matter your age, we hope you find the monthly read aloud video to be valuable. This particular title was selected as one of the March Book-A-Day 2023 titles which all of our elementary students experienced recently.

Yes We Will: Asian Americans Who Shaped this Country by Kelly Yang was the text we chose to share. Each spread illustrated by a different renowned Asian or Asian American artist. This book is read with permission of Penguin Random House.

Special thank you to our student guest readers in this video, two of our Asian Student Union officers: PHS Senior Amanda V. & PHS Junior Gabby L.

Yes We Will Asian Americans Who Shaped This Country, May 2023 Read Aloud Video

Calendar of Religious Observances

Why is this information important?

  • The towns of Middlebury and Southbury are made up of families representing many different religious and cultural identities.

  • The information below is offered as a resource to increase awareness of & respect for religious observations and ethnic and cultural festivities. These observances may affect students, colleagues and neighbors in our community.

What are some ways this information can be used?

Calendar planning by for use in scheduling and planning details, for example:

  • workplace festivities

  • community events

  • school activities and exams

Click to access the ADL 2023 Calendar of Observances

Because our intention in sharing this information is to increase awareness of and respect for religious observations and ethnic and cultural festivities that may affect students, colleagues and neighbors in our community, your input is important. Please email equity_inclusion@region15.org if there is something we missed!


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The importance of listening to your lived experiences, insights, ideas, and perspectives cannot be overstated. Please feel free to reach out! We'd love to connect.

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