By: Macie Glassett

Odysseus Tells his tale; the cyclops' cave

He shows that he is a hero because he himself says "The rest of you are loyal friends stay here, while I and my crew take ship and try and find out who these men are whether they are cruel, savage and lawless, or good to strangers " This shows that he is heroic because he is risking his own life and not the lives of others.

Odysseus tells his tale; polyphemus returns

He is heroic because "Then I ordered the rest of my loyal friends to stay there and guard the ship, while I selected the twelve best men and went forward." He is a hero because he again takes himself risking his own life instead of his men.

Odysseus tells his tale: trapped

"His words were designed to fool me, but he failed. I was too wise for that, and answered him with cunning words: Poseidon earth shaker, smashed my ship to piece wrecking her on the rocks that edge you island, driving her close to the headland so the wind threw her onshore . But I and my men here escaped destruction." He is saving all of his other men still on the ship by not telling the Cyclops were they are even though he could have saved his own life.