We are the Quakers of the "Holy Experiment" team

Join in the Quakerism were all equal here

Here in Pennsylvania there is no more social titles and rules of deference. In the eyes of God were all equal. Here you will be addressed as friend and be part of the club, Religious Society of Friends. We quakers believe in religious toleration and we frown upon slavery.

I feel so free here! No more religious prosecution

I Martha Stewart am a young lady who has come to live in Pennsylvania. I am a refuge who escaped from Plymouth. I was so sick and tired on the way of life there. I am not a fan of the puritan belief and practices. Everyone was agaisnt me and I had to escape. Thank you to William Penn our leader and founder has taught everyone to be open minded. Here for the first time I see how well we treat the natives. I have learned that in the eyes of God we are all equal. I no longer have to curtsy and my husband bow and remove his hat. No one is better than the other. Here our community is respectful and has toleration. But not only is it free here the view around me is beautiful. There are mountains and were next to the coast. Our colony is open to trade. We as well have fertile soil suitable for farming. Climate is perfect. We have warm summers and mild winters. The weather does not impede much with our agriculture. We here our known as the breadbasket colony. We grow wheat and produce a lot of bread. But who does't like a good toast with butter and tea in the mornings.


Of the People

Barrons AP United States History 2nd Edition