Rite Of Passage

3 Stage Process

Servance- Relizing that your past is now behind you, you are finally leaving your high school days and starting something new.

Threshold- Experiencing the moment. Going across the stage and looking back on all that you accomplished.

Incoroporation- Starting a new adventure, going out those doors and saying that it was your last day of high school.

Family contributes by supporting you and helping to push you along. They were there every second of your lives and when they see you walk along the stage, they see all that you accomplished.

School contributes you by helping you get there. They have helped you succeed to be able to graduate.

Peers contribute by pushing you to do your best. They dont let you slack on your homework so they are a huge reason why you are there.

Economic Institutions contribute by you giving them all of your money to plan for your future life events after high school and after you graduate.

Educational Institutions contribute by you going to high education schools, by you payign their tution for you to get an education there.

Military Institutions contribute by getting the students that dont want to go to college but instead want to go into the military.