Danielle Bacon & Maddy Schmitz Hour: 3

Presidential Requirements

Must be 35 years old

Must be a U.S. citizen for at least 14 years.

Must be a natural born citizen.

Benefits, Salary, and Perks of the Job

Salary: 400,000 per year

Benefits: $100,000 for personal food, travel, and entertainment. They get a pension after they retire, personal helicopter (Air Force 1)

Perks: Unlimited vacation time, can change the white house however they want because it's considered their house, bowling alley, swimming pool, security.

Constitutional Powers for the President

Commander in Chief

Commission all military officers of the United States

Make treaties with foreign countries with the advice and consent from the senate

Receive ambassadors

Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, and Supreme Court Justices

Grant pardons and reprieves

Appoint senators if there is vacancy

I think the most important power is making treaties with foreign policies. I think this because it is important for America to have stable relationships with other countries along with creating alliances with those countries.

Good Qualities in a President

Understanding Time: President Bush for example, the day after the 9/11 attacks talked to the U.S. to bring us all to unity again and to help mourn.

Ability To Communicate: Can speak with an open mind and take other's views and feelings into consideration while still being able to promptly make a point.

Understanding The Public: Is able to understand the public's views and tend to their wants and needs along with what will essentially help the country.

Ability To Compromise: In a perfect world, everyone would be able to agree on things. Unfortunately, that's not the case. The leader needs to be able to come to a compromise with other countries and also the other branches of government.

Political Courage: Believes in themselves as an individual and as a leader of a country. Has confidence that they can make great changes within a group of people.

The most important quality to me is having the ability to communicate in a way that everyone understands. They speak clearly and explain thoroughly in order for citizens to comprehend what is going on in their country.

How I Would Try to End Terrorism in America

As a president, I would use my ability to compromise with other countries to come up with a solution to reducing and potentially ending terrorism. I would also have conversations with the other branches of government and law enforcement facilities to help reduce domestic terrorism because that has become a big issue in America over the last few years. I would start to do more screening on certain individuals especially those on the "No Fly List" to ensure that the citizens living in the country that I run are safe.

6 Guided Questions