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March Newsletter

Writing an online quiz with an embedded video

Recently I read an article about how to create audio- and video-based assessments. I was thrilled that one was through Google and creating a form. Why was I so excited? Because I was able to create a sample assessment with a video embedded in about two clicks of a button. If you can copy a url, you can do this!

1. Open Google Drive and Create a Form
2. Create one question and answer choices
3. Title your form
4. Choose Add an Item and a menu will come up.
5. Choose video in the bottom right
6. Another screen will come up that ask for the url to the YouTube video
7. You can then create questions to allow students to demonstrate their learning.
The following two pictures are screen shots to illustrate step 5 and step 6

Step 5

Click Video
Please note that you could also add an image too.

Step 6

Copy and paste url. If there are two videos it will offer you a choice. Click one video and click "select"

Link to Sample

Below is a link to a sample I did. It may not be perfect, but it only took me five minutes! You will need to log in to your rcsd account.
Did I mention that you can embed the Google Form into your website? I can help you with that too.
Did I mention that the student's answers are saved to a spreadsheet and you can collect their email addresses to know who has completed the form? Yes, and it will even put a timestamp on when the form was completed.

Sample Spreadsheet

Below is a screenshot of a sample answer. Thanks Mrs. Clark for testing this for me!