Mrs. Kurt's Math Class News

Week of October 17-21


  • Quiz #3 on chapter 3 is on Tuesday, October 18. I have sent the study guide home today with your child. It is optional to work on and complete to get ready for the quiz. I will go over the questions in class on Monday.
  • Today, (Friday 10/14) students worked on word problems with partners. It was a great experience to see their own performances, they shared ideas and coached each other to get the correct answers. Handout should be in their math binder. I recommended them to go over the questions over weekend to get familiar. I will upload the answer&solutions this afternoon. You may check if you would like to see.
  • For the upcoming week, students will have a homework packet which will have word problems mostly. It might have challenging word problems. For that reason, I will upload the solutions to the FSA-Connect. If your child stuck on any problems, you may check the solutions to help him/her or send them to my way. I'm available every morning 7:30-8am or during 3rd period.
Singapore Math - 4th Grade Bar Modeling
Singapore Math - Grade 3 /:Grade 4: Whole Numbers Part 2 - Using Models to solve word problems

Have a great weekend:)