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December/January News from Mrs. Thornton


The month of December and January have been quite the whirlwind of two crazy busy months! Despite the organized chaos, the one thing that has been consistent throughout is the pride that I feel for our students and staff! As a counselor, it is always important to reflect on the environment and the successes along with the struggles. It is also important to look at the level of energy and to evaluate how welcoming and respectful Central Intermediate really is.

I am so incredibly proud of our Central Students and Staff. There have been so many celebrations of positive behavior and awesome attendance along with students taking part in a Kindness Game and showing empathy in tons of different ways! To see various service projects in action and led by the students. To see students begging to work with a mentor and have mentors so excited to get started. To see teachers embracing our new STAR block time and students transitioning like rock stars. To see classrooms boosting their classroom unity through Kagan and cooperative learning. To see students and staff celebrating improvements in their STAR testing scores. To see the creative theme each classroom team created for the Winter Walk. With all of this, one thing remains the same... Heart. Our students and staff do not come to Central every day because they HAVE to. They come because they WANT to. I look forward to what February has to bring! I am so thankful to be a part of the Central team and as always....It is a Great Day to be a Titan!

Check out THIS Unity! A wall squat WHILE eating a doughnut. This takes teamwork!

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Central Intermediate News

Please make sure you are checking our website frequently as we are always adding new info and fun pictures. We love to share the fun with you!

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Reflecting Leadership: Hard work and Dedication

Many parents and community members come to me and share their perspective of how Central has changed over the years. You walk in the door to energy and compassion. Central celebrates the improvements and meets as a team to problem solve areas that need growth more frequently. Our teachers and staff are "ALL IN." When sharing their perspective, they look to me for an explanation and I always say, "Central is awesome and it's a reflection of our leadership."

Every week, Ms. Ince creates a Monday Memo that helps get us focused as we take on the new week. She has a section titled "EduAwesome" where staff are highlighted by each other/her for awesome things they have done. If you know Ms. Ince, I'm sure it's no surprise to you that my shout outs to HER are always "forgotten" to be shared...

Ms. Ince is one of my most self-less people I have ever met. She spends countless hours reading, researching and evaluating what our students need and how we can best make it happen. It is not because she has's because she wants to. It's her passion! She puts her students and staff first and does not live in fear of change. In fact, she has taught us that change is ok...and even fun! She has inspired SO MUCH change at Central that has made us better and stronger. If she has a vision, she seeks out to make it happen. She keeps us moving and learning to make the education our students are receiving the best and most engaging. The biggest and most impacting change I have seen is the relationship building. Through mentoring programs, going outside of her comfort zone and being duct taped to a wall or made a human having meetings with parents and including the student and their voice, along with creating an incentive that involves shooting hoops with her...she has made such a difference! So...a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Ms. Ince for your hard work and dedication. You have moved mountains and the sun is shining brighter because of it! We are not just a team. We are a family!

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SLT: Giving Back

The SLT group was very successful in December! They held a nonperishable food drive for Jamieson Center and also pet supplies for WIAR. For 2 weeks, they were able to promote and collect the goods for inventorying. It was exciting to hear the excitement of both agencies when they were contacted about the Gift the SLT was wanting to give on behalf of Central Intermediate. THANK YOU if you helped donate!

The SLT group also gave back to our staff and made unique snowflake ornaments for every single adult. There are times that it is so easy to overlook some staff more than others. This was our 2nd annual project where every single staff member was recognized for being as unique as a snowflake and thanked for being an intricate part of our lives. To see the smiles through their act of giving and to see the smiles of our staff members was heartwarming.

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Empathy in Action!


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It should be no surprise to you, that on Friday, January 8th, our Central family was struck with the news that one of our own 6th graders was diagnosed with cancer. This is certainly a first that I hoped to never get to experience as a school counselor. My heart hurts for anyone who has to face cancer. Riley is a strong and competitive girl who has a whole Central Team behind her all the way. Her competitive nature will help her kick this cancer and get back to her normal 6th grade life! When meeting with our 6th graders to share the news, I made sure to highlight that Cancer does not always win. We have two of our own 6th grade students that prove it. We have several staff members that prove it. Cancer is evil and scary, but it IS beatable! With this being said, it will take a great deal of empathy for Riley and her family as they begin this new journey that they are on. The #strengthcircle was created by our 6th graders in Mrs. Mann's room. We surrounding Riley and her family with support and love.

My Developmental Counseling time during the month of December was about empathy and boy are my students putting it into action! From making cards to creating banners. Many came to support and help with the benefit along with coming up with fun future ideas. I have even had individuals coming to me with various donation ideas such as: 1. donating money she received for her birthday and Christmas 2. Another student creating duct tape items and selling them for money collection for Riley. To watch our students unite and make empathy SO POWERFUL has been so rewarding to watch. I know that Riley and her family have been extremely appreciative of all the support that has been shown. Be on the look out as there will be some other #Rally4Riley events coming to life very soon. #CentralPride #RileyStrong

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This was the "crew" upstairs!

Rachel Platten: Fight Song [Lyric Video]

We Wear PURPLE for Riley!

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 9am

Central Intermediate School

Show your support for Riley and her family by wearing her favorite color PURPLE! #RileyStrong #CentralPride #TitanPride

Chess Club- 1/21 AND 1/28

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 3:15-4:15pm

Central Intermediate

Chess Club has been going very well! Due to the wrestlers doing practice at Central, we meet in Mrs. Murray's 4th grade room. I hope you will be able to join us!