Differentiation 2014-2015

Jan Cutforth - Georgia Virtual School - World Languages

This is in partial fulfillment of the ePortfolio requirements of the Georgia Virtual School.

January, 2015

In order to differentiate and accommodate students a different levels, the listening and speaking component of the class was modified. Students were given the option of either, completing the assignment as originally given or practicing 4 sentences from the actual unit of study, recording them selves and providing a written copy of what they said. This allows students to practice their speaking skills at their own pace and at their own level.
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February, 2015

After working with the students, it became apparent that they were all at very different levels and had distinctive needs. One common factor was that the students had a limited memory of past vocabulary. As such, I created quizlet stacks that reflected the vocabulary as well as important sentences and phrases that were in each unit of study. I then encouraged the students to review via the study stacks. I created a class within quizlet and am now able to analyze the data as to how long each student has studied as well as what they have studied in order to individualize both their lessons and assignments.
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