The Road To Perseverance

Olivia McCarthy May 2016

Perseverance is...

Never giving in to hard situations even if you want to quit.

Nadja Salerno-Sonneberg: Sequential

Nadja is well known for being a professional violinist but there were many adversities in her life. Even when she gave up she still had the courage to keep trying to become a professional violinist. At first Nadja began to doubt herself when she began at Julliard. She then stopped playing violin for several months because she had very little confidence in herself. Soon after, Nadja's teacher gave her an ultimatum. She either had to come to lessons to play the violin or she was out. Nadja started playing the violin again. She then signed up for the Walter W. Naumburg International Violin Competition. She immersed herself in practicing the violin. However, one day Nadja's apartment caught on fire. After that, she was notified by phone that she was qualified for semifinals. Nadja was overwhelmed and became unhealthy due to stress. Nadja ended up playing her best performance ever. In addition, Nadja made it to finals and won the competition! In the end, she became an international professional violinist traveling around the world and preforming. As can be seen, although Nadja was faced with many adversities throughout her life she was able to overcome them to experience triumphs.
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Nadja Salerno-Sonneberg

Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson Compare and Contrast

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The Sandy Road - Description

One day a noble merchant and other men went to town to sell goods. They ran into many adversities along the way. They came across a hot, dry desert. The men had to wait till the night because the desert was too hot to walk across. They walked all night and never took breaks. One of the men that came along knew how to read the stars, the man guided the group across the desert. They ate breakfast and dinner and waited till the night while the sand was cool. One day the man guiding them said they were close to town so they got rid of the water and wood so they could travel light. Once it became night the guide fell asleep and they were not being guided closed to town, so the oxen walked in a circle all night. They woke up and realized they had gone nowhere and had no water. The merchant went looking for water and found a rock underground filled with water. A serving boy kept trying to break the rock with a hammer. The merchant told him to keep trying and don't give up. The boy broke the rock and they all got water. They were very brave and persevered to make it to town. The group made it to town, sold the goods and made lots of money because they never gave up. Although there were hard times the merchant and his men were able to overcome them to achieve their goal.
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The Sandy Road

Jackie Robinson Cause/Effect

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Walt Disney - Problem and Solution

Walt Disney created many Disney movies and Disney characters. He also thought of the idea of Disney Land and Disney World for families all over the world. Even though Walt Disney created happy things he had many adversities and problems in his life. His first problem was that he had a hard childhood. Walt was hit with a belt and was not able to play with toys, games, or sporting equipment. The solution was that it created an impact on his later passion for entertainment of children. His second problem was that he dropped out of high school to serve in World War 1 but was rejected. So then he severed in France for a little but then he had no where to go so he moved to Kansas City, Missouri. He did this so he could finish serving in the war. This was because he wanted to earn more money so that he could start a career. The solution to this was that he got a job as a commercial artist and cartoonist. The third problem was that he had multiple business setbacks. The solution was that it helped to make him the great visionary and business man he was. The final problem was that he didn't have enough money to build Disneyland. In the end he found enough courage to continue on with his dream by making television shows until he had enough money to conquer his dream.
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Walt Disney

Lessons Learned from Perseverance

The lesson one could learn from perseverance is, to never give up even when faced with tough times. Another lesson is that people should learn their mistakes. When someone fails they should get back up and try again until they're able to succeed. A final lesson, is that someone should always persevere until their dreams comes true because if someone has the courage to do what they believe in they can achieve the impossible. As said by Julie Andrews, "Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th."