By, Suzy Anderson

What is ISIS?

ISIS also known as the Islamic State of Iraq controls Shira Law across the middle east. ISIS first started off as an Al Queda splinter group but became more radical as the years went on. Created in 1999 by Abu Bakr al-Baghdidi who goes by Abu Du'a. ISIS was created to help the control of Muslims in the middle east, but it turned to reform those muslims. The goal of ISIS is to control everyone by Shira law. ISIS now resides in Syria.

ISIS Beheadings

The favorite way of execution for ISIS radicals is beheading. The reason beheading is used is the separation of mind and body condemning that persons right to the afterlife paradise they speak. In 2014 ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley. His execution was video tapped and put online. It was to send a message to America. That ISIS isn't afraid to kill an innocent American.

Being held ISIS's captive.

Knowing you await a horrible death of being beheaded or burned alive is horrible torture itself. ISIS adds salt to a wound by torturing innocent people on video for "information" and recording it to post online. These videos have been watched thousands of times and this is how ISIS draws in new recruits. ISIS uses such techniques of water boarding and removing of limbs to name a few.

ISIS Recruits

Most of ISIS recruits come from censorship free countries. The top three being the US, Great Britain, and France. ISIS uses online propaganda and fake Facebooks to recruit people. Soldiers from anywhere in the world have to closely look at what they put on spcial media in fear ISIS might get ahold of such information.