Lost in Love

She's The Man & Twelfth Night

She's The Man

Viola is dressed as her brother to prove every one wrong; her beloved soccer team was cut from her high school. She thought that her boyfriend was someone that she could trust until he told her that she wasn't good strong or fast enough to play with the boys. Her mission was to prove them wrong.

Comedy Ladder

Comedy of ideas: Viola is dressed as her brother, so that she can try out for the boys soccer team.

Comedy of manners: Viola sometimes forgets that she is dressed as a guy, but does girly things. This causes the guys that she hangs around with (Duke and Andrew) to give her weird looks.

Farce: In the play "Twelfth Night", Viola pretended to be Curio (Dukes servant).

Low Comedy: In the movie She's The Man, Violas tampons accident fall out her shoe while she is dressed as Sebastian. Her roommates look at her weird, and she tells them that she uses them for nose bleeds.

Characters From She's The Man, & Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Viola is upset because the loss of her brother. She dresses as Curio, who is Dukes servant. At the end of the play, Viola ends up falling for Duke and they get married, along with Sebastion and Olivia.