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A biography about the life and words of Ester Grace Earl

Ester Grace Earl

Ester Grace Earl, as you know it, was the true inspirational girl that made the fault in our stars. Ester Grace was born on August 3rd 1994. She was a sweet, intelligent, little girl. She was born and raised in Quincy Massachusetts and moved to Saudi Arabia as a young girl. She later moved to France. After living in france for a couple years she was developed with Thyroid Cancer.

In and out of the hospital

Ester spent most of her six years with Thyroid Cancer in and out of the hospital. She was treated on many medications and went to the hospital more than 5 times a week to check on her health and most importantly, her loungs. She would have to carry a machine everywhere she went to help make sure that she would be able to digest her food and also be able to breath. On the course to Medication there also caused side affects. Ester was a very happy and inspirational girl but however, Ester became very tired and would also sleep 20 hours a day.


Ester is now a famous youtube star and communicated a lot on the internet. In the book it says that all day, when she was a wake she would be on skype talking to her friends who appeared and had a section of their own in the book, talking about how they dealt with esters death. The picture below is ester taking a selfie before making a youtube video with her friend bob
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developing cancer

When Ester was 12 years old she started to change, she was loosing weight rapidly, she had difficulty breathing. Ester was usually very happy, energetic and never tired ad started to loose more energy and weight at the minute. Esters parents ( Lori and wayne Earl ) were very worried and quickly rushed to the doctors. After the visiting the doctors, the family received very tragic news, their daughter, Ester grace Earl, had thyroid cancer.