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Human Rights and Environment (Sample Page)

Human Rights

Human Rights are the individual rights for every human being on the planet. There have been several initiatives to protect human rights.

Human Trafficking in the United States

Combating Human Trafficking: Portland Progresses from Denial to Best Practices

Portland's Example

Currently there have been several initiatives to stop or prevent human trafficking within the United States. The video above shows how Portland Oregon has made some movements to get a handle on the problem.

Environmental Rights

The emission levels have been a toxin to our planet. There currently have been initiatives made to protect our world. The video below discusses how global warming (the warming and cooling of our planet and oceans) have influenced natural disasters.
Breaking Analysis: Medium-size Tech Tsunami Provokes Global Warming in Venture Capital

Climate Zones

The map below is a visual representation of climate zones as they appear now. But how will this be impacted if we continue our course of environmental pollution and the expansion of global warming?

Ms. Riley's Global Studies Class

We study a unit on global issues and how environmental and human rights issues transcend borders.