Exciting Origami Owl News!!!


Wow, some exciting news and I wanted to make sure everyone is on in the know!!!

First we have the O2for2 promotion that is today, Oct 13-18, where interested people can join your Origami Owl team for 2.00.

This is a great promotion for someone who is interested in the opportunity but maybe hasn't had the funds to join.

A kit is NOT included in this offer nor is the signing incentive BUT they will receive a Designer ID and website just like ours. This is directly from the FAQs

Please refer to the FAQs if you have any questions or contact me or your mentor!


During the Join O2 for $2 qualification period, any new Designer or former Designer who enrolls and does not choose to purchase a starter kit will have access to their Back Office and a Personal Web Page (PWP). They will be able to purchase jewelry at a 20%-40% discount (depending on item purchased) and earn 20%-40% commission on items purchased on their PWP. Commission amount can increase or decrease based on Designer’s Personal Volume.

Holiday Collection Release

Our Holiday Collection goes live to designers on Tues Oct 18 and is available to customers beginning on Thurs Oct 20.

To view the Holiday Collection and start sharing it with your customers now you can share our Digital Catalog right from your personal website.

How to:

Go to your personal website and click on the SHOP option

Choose Seasonal Catalogs

Click on the Holdiay Catalog and Copy your URL from it.

You can share this via text, email etc. Be sure to make it personal! An example would be:

"Mary, I saw that Guardian Angel plate on page 10 and immediately thought of you".

Note from me:

This Holiday Season is a great time to grow your buisness, using the tools provided by the Nest and our team page to help you with anything you need!! If you haven't joined our team page on Facebook here is the link, we would love to have you!!


And as always you are welcome to reach out to me via text, phone or email!