Common Elements Project

Forrest Science PreAP Period 4

Silicon (atomic number 14 atomic symbol Si).

Silicon's most important use would be for Electronics, like for computer chips. In a way Silicon has been used by humans for much longer than you would think because, almost every rock contains Silicon; so when ancient people built little structures they were using Silicon compounds. It took a very long time to discover what silicon in it's natural state was because it clung on to oxygen (O). So well.

Percentages of Silicon

Earth's Crust: 27.7%

Earth's Atmosphere: Miniscule (less than .002%)

Earth's Oceans: Miniscule (less than .002%)

In the human body: .0058%

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Johann Jakob Berzelius

-A Swedish scientist born 8/20/1779. He died 8/7/1848.

-He created the predecessor to the Periodic Table, which was basically the same except for where the number in the symbols is noted.

-He also discovered the elements Selenium, Thorium, & Cerium.

When was Si (Silicon) discovered in the first place? And what is it?

Silicon was first discovered in pure form in 1823 by Jons Jakob Berzeluis, but was first truly discovered in the early 1800's. Silicon has always been very useful. Silicon is a metalloid, melts at 2,507*F (1,410*C) and it's boiling point is 4,270*F (2,355*C). Silicon makes up about 27.7% of the atmosphere.



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