Vote no for school uniform

stop the school uniform idea

Here is a Fact

people who used school uniforms go back to normal clothes after a month or people leave the school.

Why do people hate it?

  • They are made out of wool so its itchy
  • when it is winter it makes you very cold.
  • in the summer it makes you very hot not to mention the hot Texas summers

8 out of 10 schools here have been in school uniforms and will never go back


  • you have to spend tones of money for a uniform.
  • a normal uniform cost 50$ for a uniform .
  • if you are new you might have to buy a new one.

does it shrink?

  • a uniform is mostly made of wool
  • when you wash them they will shrink so you might have to re-buy a
  • whole another 50$ uniform
Robert L School Uniform Finals 1st Neg Cons

No and yes votes for uniform


more people vote no for school uniforms because they are uncomfortable hot/cold and itchy. take a stand vote no for school uniforms