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Syrian has been the center of trade for centuries. Syria has been part of many empires, but in 1946 it became independent. since the 1960's one political party has controlled Syria. Syria's land includes fertile coastal plains and valleys along the Mediterranean Sea. In land mountains running North and South keep moist sea winds from reaching the eastern part of Syria. Farmers in Syria grow mostly cotton, wheat, and fruit. The Syrian government has built dams on the Euphrates river. Almost half of Syria's 17.5 million people live in rural areas.The people of Syria are mostly Arab Muslim.

Interview of Syria

These are 2 vocabulary words let's see if you know them. 1. Erg–huge shifting area in he Sahara. 2. Desalinization-process used to make seawater drink able. Now here are some questions of chapter 17-18. 1. Who were the Berbers? The Berbers were the first people to live in North Africa. 2. List 3 of egypts main crops? Sugarcane, Vegetables, Fruits. 3. What is the OPEC? The OPEC is the organization of petroleum exporting


You probably don't know what a erg is do you? Well I'll tell you what a erg is. A erg is a huge shifting area, that is in the Sahara desert.


Here is another term let's see if you know what it is? Desalinization- is the process used to make sea water drink able

Who are the Berbers?

Do you know who the Berbers were? It's ok if not most people don't know them either. But they were the first people known to live in Northern Africa.

Three of Egypts main crops.

Do you know what Egypts main crops are? Neither did I but then I found this. Egypts main crops are sugar cane, vegetables, and fruits.

What is the OPEC?

Do you know what the OPEC is? No it's not a book. It's the organization of petroleum exporting.
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